Make Customer Success a Success

Customer success own over 90% of a companies revenue. Are you as a CEO or CS leader aware of that? If not contact us!


If you will never do another sale in your life. Would your company be able to survive and better yet, increase revenue?

Triggerred? Wait no longer and contact us!

We make sure that your company will not leave money on the table when it comes to your customers buying and using your software. That is in a nutshell the essence when it comes to Customer Success.


Let me ask you a Question:

Customer Success Consulting


We help you (re-)defining Customer Success, CS teams, Strategy, excecution of the strategies. We build Customer Journeys together with our clients.




We coach your executives, but also your CSMs to let them do the best job possible for the customer.



Public Speaking


Martine regularly speaks at congresses who are all about customer centricity, customer success, customer Support, Teammanagement around Customer centricity in a company. Her most popular events are Pulse (2014 -2017 both in Europe and US) and The Customer Success Association. But available for many more.

Martine in the Customer Experience Expert at BNR (Business News Radio), where she has her own segment during Zakendoen every 2 weeks.




We work with a network of partners who share the same passion to evangelise the win-win business gains of customer success. Whilst spreading the word is rife in the Silicon Valley, we aim to contribute in growing momentum here in Europe, taking into account European business etiquette, challenges and contexts.


Our partners are organisations with interests in customer success and below are some of the main ones with whom Q10 Consultancy has the privilege of collaborating.


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