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Multiple ways of course, but first we will have a coffee and talk about this.

Then a quick scan of your organization, which will result into an advice. When we both are in agreement about this we will help you change, take the next steps, coach you and help you setup for success for both you, your team and your customers. A true partnership and win/win situation.


If you are short handed Martine is also available for longer term CSM leadership jobs to build a team. Or for interim jobs, like replacement when someone is ill or on maternity leave for example.

Martine founded Q10 Consultancy because of her passion for Customer Success and the growing Saas industry. 'I am fascinated by the answer to the simple question: if you will never sell a day in your life, would your company survive? And better yet, would you still grow revenue?' This is where I help!'


Due to her international upbringing she came in contact with different cultures from an early age. She took the best of all worlds in terms of service and this is how she takes customer success to the next level.


She started her career as a Marketing Specialist in Washington DC, after having studied International Management in Rotterdam. After the US experience she started to work in the Exhibition Industry where she stayed for over 9 years organizing tech trade shows all over the world. She then joined Apple where she was very involved int he business to business customer journeys.


She was at the start of Bynder (a very successful Saas Company, where she set up and managed the entire after sales team, from implementation, training, customer success to support. And scaling the company worldwide from 10 People to 225 over 6 offices in just 3 years. This is where she got in contact with Customer Success, she flew to the US and learned everything she needed to know to make it her own in her unique international way. She is a wanted speaker at great conferences like Pulse and The Customer Success Association. She recently started her own consultancy agency Q10 Consultancy where she helps companies to make the most out of their customers and boost revenue and retention.


Key characteristics: No nonsense, direct, hands-on, inspiring, positive, and humor. Carpe Diem.




We assess the situation and make a quick scan



Discuss the approach including some recommendations



Execute the approved plan



Measure the results.



'Martine is een sterke leider met een duidelijke visie en veel kennis op het vlak van Customer Success en organisatieontwikkeling. Martine kan als de beste een organisatie in beweging krijgen en is in daarnaast in staat sterke en effectieve teams te bouwen waarin verantwoordelijkheid, teamwork en een resultaat gedreven aanpak centraal staan. Haar directe, duidelijke communicatiestijl en haar vriendelijke en oprechte persoonlijkheid hebben altijd geleid tot een prettige samenwerking. Zowel bij Apple als bij Bynder.' Don Fakkert, VP Customer Success Bynder




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